Meet Kith & Whim

 Kith & Whim is artfully designed products to inspire your fierce spirit animal.

 Our brand is for the eclectic. The Wandering-whimsical souls. The Mothers. The Artists. The Edgy. The Everyday. The Bold.
Kith & Whim is founded on friendship, art and the love of one-of-a kind fashion.
Start living and dressing on a whim!

Kith and Whim-Meet Kally and Samantha-About Us Page

A little about us!

You know how you have that one friend that no matter how long you go without talking to them you guys still pick up right where you left off? Well that's us- the creators of Kith & Whim.

Kally (left) is a South Dakota artist who brings life to animals through her colorful and eclectic paintings. The paintings are created with dry brush and oversized stippling techniques from paint that she scavenges or repurposes and Sharpie is used for the outlining. In many cases there are more animals under the paintings you see- if the animal does not speak to her she paints them again until she gets the shape, coloring and aesthetic just right.

Her work has been featured around coffee shops, breweries, boutiques, interior design shops, galleries, art shows, printed on City Race T-shirts, Building murals and much more throughout the Midwest. 

Due to the high demand of her artwork Kally rounded up her old fashionista friend Samantha (right) to bring her art to life through artfully designed clothing and various other product (coming soon!). Samantha works full time, mom's full time, and is in charge of the business logistics and curation of content!

Can't wait to see how Kith & Whim takes off!


Kally and Samantha