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Kally Peterson is a local Little Elm artist that has recently been transplanted from South Dakota. She brings life to animals through her colorful and eclectic style.

The paintings are created with dry brush and oversized stippling techniques from paint that she scavenges or repurposes and Sharpie is used for the outlining. In many cases there are more animals under the paintings you see- if the animal does not speak to her she paints them again until she gets the shape, coloring and aesthetic just right.

Her work has been featured around coffee shops, breweries, boutiques, interior design shops, galleries, art shows, printed on City Race T-shirts, and much more throughout the Midwest. 

Please request custom original painting in the "contact us" tab on the bottom left tab.

In "Contact us" message include the Animal, print size and any other necessary information. The artist will be in contact via email and provide picture of painting once finished. Once approved a custom listing for purchase will be created. Paintings will take 1-3 weeks for processing and will ship from South Dakota.

We have commissioned pieces for businesses in the past so be sure to request discounted pricing if ordering more than 3.

Canvas is non-refundable due to the cost of shipping.


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